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Opinie klientów

Etapy współpracy

  • First contact

    Get to know our offer and present your general needs.

  • Functionality agreement

    We talk about processes and solutions that will be useful in your project.

  • Signing the contract

    We estimate the order, establish the project completion date. We sign the contract and collect a 30% advance payment of the project value.

  • Meeting with the graphic designer

    Details about the theme, colors, icons and graphics that will be used in the project.

  • Phase 1 of graphic work

    We prepare one page of the project with a scheme of sub-pages.

  • Phase 2 of graphic work

    We collect the next 30% of the project value and design all remaining sub-pages.

  • Programming

    At this stage, the project is coded. We stick to the agreed deadlines.

  • Project publication

    We publish and finalize the project.


  • I have comments on the graphic design in the first stage of graphic work

  • What will I receive in the second stage of graphic work?